Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

Bristol Radio Control Model Aircraft Club (BRCMAC)
Policy Statement on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

It is the policy of the club that we will only allow children (under the age of 18) to be present at the flying field as long as they are accompanied and supervised by a Parent / Guardian at all times. This includes the Parent / Guardian being on the flight line if the child is receiving tuition.

It is felt that the club do not possess the expertise to define “a vulnerable adult”. The following is therefore our policy. Should it be brought to our attention, by a suitably qualified person, that one of our members is vulnerable then we will allow that member to attend the club only when accompanied by a qualified carer appointed by an approved organisation.

The above statements must take into account the fact that our flying site does not have exclusive use and that non members of the club may be in the area. Apart from general safety of these people (from stationery models, models in transit to the flying strip and flying) we cannot accept any other responsibility.



May 2006