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Club Fee’s & Becoming a Member
Becoming a member is a simple process where we ask that you complete and submit the ‘Become A Member’ on-line form at the bottom of this page. You will then be contacted by the club directly to complete the process. Please let us know by completing the Custom Message section if there is a preferred time to/not to contact you.

Club fee’s explained:
When we contact a New Member we will establish your membership status (for example you may qualify as a junior Member or already be a BMFA Country Member) and your training needs. Once we have this information we will be able to confirm your Membership fee. For your guidance, the membership types and fees are set out in the table below.

2018 Full Year Club fees

Senior Member  £54 £34 £88
Junior Member  £6 £17 £23
Family Senior Member £54 £34 £88
Family Partner Member £44 £23 £67
Family Junior Member  £6 £13 £19
Associate Member  £10
One-off admin fee for New Members  £5

Please note:

  • You DO NOT need to join BMFA separately. If you join our club (and you are not already a member of BFMA) then you are enrolled as part of our joining process. If you are already a member of BMFA then you will only pay our club fees.
  • New Members are charged a one-off admin fee upon joining.
  • Club fees run for a 12 month period commencing 1st January each year. Renewal fees not paid in full by 30th January will be considered to have lapsed.
  • Previous members who have let their membership lapse and wish to re-join will be treated as a New Member.
  • Our fees are aligned with the BMFA.
  • Our aim is to keep our fees simple, as low as possible and easy to administer.
  • We ask that all fees are paid by their due date and directly to the clubs bank account (which you can complete by either using your online banking facility, your telephone banking facility or by you popping into your bank and asking them to make an electronic payment). Full bank details are published in the Club Members Area. We can accept cash and cheques but this is not our preferred method of payment.
  • Associate Membership is a special Membership designed for Members who are unable to make use of our flying facilities but want to retain a link with the club. This entitles such Members to receive Club information (such as newsletters), and attend Winter Club Evenings. However, because they are not allowed to fly, there is no need for BMFA membership.

Please start your Club Membership application process by completing and submitting the form below. By submitting this form you are agreeing to be bound by the Club Rules.

1: Once you have submitted this form the club will contact you to complete your Club Membership application.
2: Your date of birth is required by BMFA as part of their registration process

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