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Electric Club 2000 pylon racing project at BRCMAC

All BRCMAC members are invited to take part in this new club build and fly activity. It is based on the electric powered E2K class pylon racer rules. The idea is that members obtain identical kits to build over the winter. The motors and props also have to be the same. There will be one or two winter meetings devoted to helping out with builds, or just a show and tell. Then, next season there will be informal racing organised along the lines of, but not actually, a pylon race. How serious it gets will depend on the members taking part!

The planes, and power train are constrained by the E2K rules to be virtually identical. Loads of info is available at See the open class page for the electric model rules.

The kit we have chosen is the Wasp E2K Kit from at £45.95. It has a parallel chord 36” span wing and simple box fuselage. It should be straightforward for any member to build. The all up weight is around 1kg and they are just hand launched. Cloud Models also have more info on their website.

kit photo

The motor chosen is the Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3536 1400kV. (£23 from Hobby King). The rest of the power train is any 4S 2200mAH lipo battery, and any controller, but the prop must be an APC 8×6. An option we will have time to consider before buying the batteries is to de-rate the performance by using a 3S lipo instead. This should tame down the speed to something manageable.

The committee encourage you to get involved! Register your interest now – email treasurer@BRCMAC.ORG.UK

Our Treasurer already has one of the kits if you need to have a look before deciding, get in touch.